Bugden Legal Tool Kits

At Bugden Legal, we recognise the legal challenges of owning and living in a home unit, townhouse or villa home community.

The Bugden Legal Tool Kits provides important information to help you navigate and become familiar with body corporate issues and provide you with the information to navigate these issues.

The Bugden Legal Tool Kits include 5 key Tool Kits including By-Law Enforcement Tool Kit, Assignment of Management Rights Tool Kit, Variation of Management Rights Tool Kit, Enforcing Caretaking Duties Tool Kit and Recovery of Levy Arrears Tool Kit.

 Gain Access to Bugden Legal Tool Kits

 To gain access to the below Tool Kits, you will require an access code, which will be sent to your email address once you submit your details in below form. The same access code can be used across all Tool Kits.

By-Law Enforcement Tool Kit

By-Laws, in a body corporate context are the essential mechanism for guiding people towards appropriate and acceptable conduct.


Management Rights ‘top-up’ Tool Kit

In a body corporate context, comprise a package of legal and contractual rights and obligations relating to the building management and on-site letting pool business.


Assignment of Management Rights Tool Kit

These days community title management rights are frequently and repeatedly assigned by caretakers. Bodies corporate need to consent to an assignment and are asked to sign a Deed of Consent for that purpose.

Enforcing Caretaking Duties Tool Kit

Enforcing caretaking agreement can be a complex and risky exercise. The efforts of bodies corporate often fail because of technical deficiencies.

Instructing a Lawyer Tool Kit

The Body Corporate and Community Management Act 1997 and the various regulation modules under the Act contain a number of provisions relevant to what a body corporate needs to do to properly instruct a lawyer to act for the body corporate.